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Hello! I am a web developer from the Philippines. I work at Virus, Inc., customizing the existing open-source technologies such as Joomla and Wordpress, and building some of the biggest Facebook applications. I also build websites that are fully customized, whether for a small to medium business or just for someone who wants people to know who he is, his ideas, and what he does.

I do more than a website! I create my own CMS, web-based applications, automated tools and solutions that help increase the productivity of every user.

This is to showcase the projects that I've worked on, do tutorials about web development, and share some ideas and links about the Internet.

My Articles and Tutorials.

require vs. require_once

require() is identical to include() in the sense that both functions are used to allow you to reuse any type of code whenever you need it. The only difference between the two is that when the program fails to load the file, include() function gives a fatal error and could not continue. While the require() function gives only a warning and continues to do the rest of the program.... Read More

Equal Operator Common Mistake

Logic errors are the hardest to find and fix on every programming languages. These are errors that make your program do what is not intended to do. One of the common mistakes that you may encounter many times on your program is the use of equal assignment operator for the purpose of using equal comparison operator.... Read More


Conditionals based on the definition in wikipedia ( Conditional Programming in Wikipedia) are features of a programming language which perform different computations or actions depending on whether a programmer-specified boolean condition evaluates to tru... Read More

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  • Is there something like a signal booster?
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  • @axelseaa yes,but i needed to change it to daily instead of per minute. There's no option in the settings

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